FREYR plans to meet the rapid global growth in demand for battery-enabled electrification through the development of batteries that are both cost competitive, and sustainably produced:

FREYR Advantage: Targeting 81% Lower CO₂e Emissions

FREYR Target Emissions
1) Source: Study commissioned from global management consultancy

FREYR seeks to minimize its emission footprint across the entire battery value chain. We will produce clean batteries and promote a sustainable battery life cycle from cradle to grave as we accelerate transition to an electrified and decarbonized world.

We believe that the rapid expansion of battery-enabled electrification of mobility and processes is required to meet global targets for reducing CO₂ emissions. However, we recognize that battery manufacturing impacts the environment via emissions and waste from extraction of raw materials, energy generation, battery cell production and -packaging, and logistics. We recognize our corporate social responsibility and will implement procedures to ensure supplies of battery materials meet our standards.

FREYR has identified a path to reduce CO₂emissions from the value chain of battery cell manufacturing compared to a benchmark of emissions from current battery cell manufacturing processes in different countries around the world, using a standard battery cell design through four steps embedded in our long-term strategy: