FREYR has established relationships with world-leading stakeholders across the battery production value chain. These include raw material feedstock suppliers, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, and customers in target market segments.



Raw materials

  • MRC (previous Skaland Grafitt) - graphite (MoU)
  • Elkem - Anode Active Materials (AAM) and development of materials (MoU)
  • Aleees - Cathode Active Materials (CAM) secured - announced
  • ITOCHU (MoU)
  • Glencore International AG (MoU)
  • Talga Group Ltd. (MoU)

Equipment, software & services

  • Umlaut (MoU)
  • Siemens ingenuity for digital twin to simulate and optimize production (MoU)
  • Norconsult (MoU)
  • Metier (MoU)
  • Rambøll (MoU)
  • ITOCHU (MoU)
  • Sumisho Metalex Corporation (Mou)
  • Mpac Lambert (Contract for casting and unit cell assembly equipment package for Customer Qualification Plant)
  • Contracts signed, but not announced, for equipment: Drying & Powder Handling, Slurry Mixing, Foil Cut & Lamination, Pouch Assembly, Inspection & Packaging, Formation & Aging


Brownfield development sites

  • Mo industripark - agreement of 70.000 m2 + 13.000 m2 and further options of 80.000 m2 in plug and play brownfield

Business development globally

  • Joint Venture with Koch Strategic Platforms to Advance Development of Clean Battery Cell Manufacturing in the United States
  • FREYR Battery, Finnish Minerals Group and the City of Vaasa to Explore Industrial Scaling of Battery Cell Technology and Production in Finland
  • Letter of Intent with Logistea AB in Sweden for site in Svenljunga northeast of Gothenburg


Q4 2017
Feasibility study for battery cell industry in Norway driven by NTNU and founder Tore Ivar Slettemoen

Initiation of FREYR to reduce CO₂ emissions through electrification and leveraging Norway’s green energy leadership; financed by its founders and government backed Innovation Norway

FREYR soft launch its plans to build a battery cell production facility in Norway in partnership with SINTEF and NTNU, the two leading Norwegian scientific research institutions

FREYR enters into an investment and partnership agreement with EIT InnoEnergy, an independent EU body, to build a battery cell gigafactory in Norway

FREYR announces ambition to develop a Nordic Battery Belt, with potential for building four gigafactories in Norway

FREYR completes NOK 130 million of pre-construction financing of the first lithium-ion battery cell (LIB) facility in Norway with significant local and regional support

Feasibility study financing for first gigafactory, feasibility study, battery technology licensing agreement, governmental permits, development contracts, supply contracts, off-take agreements

Announcement of Business Combinations between Alussa Energy and FREYR AS

Listing on New York Stock Exchange as FREYR Battery

Final Investment Decision for Customer Qualification Plant (CQP)

Production estimated to commence